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2017-11-13 Kenny Shen
摘要ASME规范案例2605200810月出版,目的是为了满足炼化行业中加氢工艺设备蠕变疲劳寿命设计的需要。20101月第一次修订,即ASME规范案例 2605-1。目前,最新的版本为20156月二次修订的ASME规范案例2605-2。这一版修订中有如下重要修改:温度上限由454850)提高到了482900);对上版有误的公式和表格数据及温度单位进行了修正;在蠕变棘轮的校核中引入了弹性分析来代替非弹性分析。本文将对ASME规范案例2605-2的分析步骤、修订要点和算法实现进行解读和探讨,为国内工程应用和规范修订提供参考。

关键词:Code Case 2605蠕变疲劳,蠕变寿命,ASME VIII-2,分析设计



Interpretation for the revision of ASME Code Case-2 and its Algorithm Implementation

SHEN Jun1, CHEN Zhi-wei2, LIU Ying-hua1

(1.Department of Engineering Mechanics , Tsinghua University , Beijing 100084, China. 2.China Standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels, Beijing 100029,China)


ASME Code Case 2605, which was published in October 2008, was aimed to meet the need of the creep fatigue life design of hydrogenation process equipment in the refining industry. This Code Case was revised for the first time in January 2010, that is, ASME Code Case 2605-1.The latest version is ASME Code Case 2605-2 which was revised in June 2015. Some important revisions in the latest version are as follows: ① raising the highest applicable temperature from 454℃ (850℉) to 482℃ (900℉). ②Revising some incorrect parameters, the temperature units and their corresponding formulas. ③Providing the elastic analysis instead of inelastic analysis for the creep ratchet checking. In this paper, the analysis steps of Code Case 2605-2, the main revisions and the implementation of the algorithm are presented and discussed, which can provide helpful references for domestic engineering application and standard revision.

Key words: Code Case 2605Creep-fatigueCreep lifeASME VIII-2Design by analysis



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