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2017-11-13 Kenny Shen
 摘要ASME规范案例2605是在ASME VIII-2的基础上将2.25Cr-1Mo-V钢的疲劳设计温度由371℃扩展为454℃。该案例于20101月进行第一次修订,即ASME规范案例 2605-1,于20156月进行第二次修订,即ASME规范案例2605-2。目前最新版中除了将温度上限从454850)提高到了482900)、在蠕变棘轮的校核中引入了弹性分析来代替非弹性分析之外,还对上版中表1和表1M中的温度单位和相关的公式进行了修正。本文将对ASME规范案例2605-2中的温标修订的相关表格和公式进行解读和探讨,为国内工程设计人员更好的理解规范案例提供参考。

关键词:Code Case 2605蠕变疲劳,兰氏温度,分析设计


Abstract: ASME Code Case 2605, as an extension of ASME VIII-2, was extended the design temperature of 2.25Cr-1Mo-V steel from 371℃ to 454℃ in the fatigue design. This Code Case was revised for the first time in January 2010, that is, ASME Code Case 2605-1.The latest version is ASME Code Case 2605-2 which was revised in June 2015. In the latest version, some items are updated and revised, such as the highest applicable temperature from 454℃ (850℉) to 482℃ (900℉) and the elastic analysis instead of inelastic analysis for the creep ratchet checking, but the most important revisions are the temperature units in Table 1 and Table 1M. In this paper, the revision of some incorrect parameters, the temperature units and their corresponding formulas in Code Case 2605-2 and the implementation of the algorithm are presented and discussed, which can provide helpful references for domestic engineering application.

Key words: Code Case 2605, Creep-fatigue, Rankine temperature, Design by analysis


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